Spanish Resources

Here are some of my favourite free resources for learning Spanish. I’ll be posting reviews, tips and suggestions for each of them in future posts.

In July 2014, I posted a very detailed and in-depth description of how I learned (and continue to learn) Spanish using free resources. Click here to read it.

Destinos – learn Spanish through a cheesy telenovela from the early 90s.
My review of Destinos.

italki – find language partners, have your work corrected or find an affordable tutor
My review of italki.

Notes in Spanish – beginner, intermediate and advanced podcasts for Spanish learners
My review of Notes in Spanish.

Duolingo – the gamification of Spanish learning – complete with lives, points, and levelling up
My review of Duolingo.

veintemundos – magazine-style articles from the Spanish-speaking world, with audio and video
My review of VeinteMundos.

FSI Basic Spanish. (edited to correct broken link – March 2016) – free comprehensive program that’s great for improving automaticity
My review of FSI Spanish Basic

Coffee Break Spanish – 80-episode podcast for complete beginners
My review of Coffee Break Spanish.

anki – intelligent, friendly flashcards using spaced repetition – great for learning vocab

BBC Mundo – the BBC’s spanish language page

Conversation Exchange – a great place to find email buddies or Skype language partners

Drama Fever – watch telenovelas in Spanish

Mi Vida Loca – interactive video mystery for beginners to the language

Extr@ – 13-episode sitcom for Spanish learners, in clear, simple language

Language Transfer – I’ve heard nothing but good things about this introductory Spanish course on YouTube (haven’t tried it myself, since it was released over a year into my Spanish journey)