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My Video Learning Log

So how’s the whole learning Spanish thing going, anyway?

When I first started learning Spanish, I felt like everything was just zooming along. Every day I felt like I knew twice as much as I did the day before.

Now, I feel that my rapid improvement is starting to slow down a bit. I know that this is normal – at the beginning, everything is new and the only way to go is up. I would place myself at a low intermediate level right now. And the low intermediate level often brings with it the dreaded learning plateau. I’m still improving, but it’s not as noticeable as it was.

The teacher in me knows that I’m progressing, even if if feels like I’m standing still. The student in me is a lot more impatient.

With the new school year right around the corner, I don’t want to lose my momentum. To stay motivated and accountable, I’m taking part in two challenges:

  • six week challenge: log all of the minutes spent on language learning every day for six weeks. I’m hoping to hit 75 hours for the month of August. As of yesterday, I was at 24 hours – so it’ll be tight, but I could still make it! You can visit my language log if you want to see what I’m working on every day.
  • italki fall challenge: participate in 20 tutoring sessions in 6 weeks. Successful challenge participants get 30 dollars to put towards more language lessons when they’re done.

 (I feel the need to explain my use of tutors here. While by definition, paid language classes aren’t exactly free, they aren’t costing me anything out of pocket, either. I teach a few French classes on italki every week, just enough to earn the credits that I need to pay for any language classes that I want to take. Teaching on italki won’t make you rich, but it’s a good way to take courses from professional teachers without paying for them! Even if you aren’t a qualified teacher, you can provide informal tutoring on italki in your native language.)

I made a video of myself speaking on July 26th, exactly two months after I started working on Spanish. I didn’t post it on the blog on the 26th because – well, honestly, I’m not sure. But here it is! If I were starting over, I would also take videos on day one, and at the one-month point. (note to self: remember this for my next language)

Insert personal comments here: it’s embarrassing to watch myself on video, I sound funny, etc, etc, etc. Also, I now know not to say el español when I say that I’m learning Spanish.


I’ll post a new video on August 26th – and I fully intend on including some more past tense verbs in that one!